1. Log in to the website:  https://easychair.org/
    1. If you are provided a choice of roles, choose “author” 
  2. The submitted abstract(s) will then be listed.  Click the magnifier glass icon in the view column to open the abstract.
  3. On the far right upper corner, there is a small menu for the author to “Add file”  Click this to open the upload section
  4. Select the word format file with the full paper and a separate file for all tables, figures, or other supporting documentation (all these files should be zipped together into a single .zip file)
  5. Click submit to upload to the server.

All Done! We’ll take the files from here and we’ll start the process to have your paper included in the USFS General Technical Report proceedings publication.

General Instructions for Preparing Paper for Proceedings / e-GTR

Paper Due Date JULY1st 2022

Melissa Thomas-Van Gundy and Mary Beth Adams will serve as co-Editors for the Proceedings, which will be published as an e-GTR (General Technical Report) of the US Forest Service’s Northern Research Station.  The Proceedings will be freely available on-line, and each paper will have a DOI number, so each will be easily searchable and available.  There will be no printed hard copy version, but your paper, and the whole proceedings, can be downloaded and printed freely. 

We invite you to submit a manuscript for a full paper or an extended abstract for inclusion in the Proceedings.  To be considered a “full paper,” an abstract, introduction, methods, results, analyses, and summary/ conclusions (or similar subheads) must be included.  Short papers or “extended abstracts” (of 1,000 words or less) that outline work in progress or preliminary results can be published but must include similar subheadings as outlined above.  A figure (or possibly two) can be included in extended abstracts; the final decision about the appropriate number of figures for the full papers and extended abstracts rests with the co-Editors.  The abstracts which you submitted previously will not be published in the Proceedings.  

In order to facilitate the completion of the Proceedings in a reasonable time frame, we are asking you to submit your manuscript no later than JULY 1, 2022.  Manuscripts received after JULY 1, 2022 will not be included in the Proceedings.  After we receive your manuscript, it will be reviewed by 2 peers, and then you will be given the opportunity to revise and resubmit the manuscript to us.  We retain the right to reject any manuscripts that are not acceptable. 

Please follow the attached guidelines when formatting your manuscript. Upload details will be provided at a later date. Author Guidelines

If you are a Forest Service author you will need to complete an FS 1600-1 form for each manuscript that you submit, indicating it is intended for the 2022 Central Hardwood Conference Proceedings, to your Project Leader.  If you are a non-Forest Service author, please complete the non-Federal author release form. Non-Federal Author Release

We’re looking forward to your presentation at the 2022 Central Hardwood Conference, and to receiving your manuscript submission for the Proceedings.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to: mary.b.adams@usda.gov or melissa.thomasvangundy@usda.gov