Presentations are scheduled for 20 minutes with 5 additional minutes for discussions.

For in-person presenters:

Ideally, your presentations should be uploaded to our file transfer site (details coming soon) by Monday, April 4. However, for the last-minute folks, you can bring your presentation to be uploaded to our system during the registration periods or during the lunch and breaks.

For virtual presenters:

In order to streamline the logistics of presentations and to avoid any connectivity issues, we ask that you submit (upload) your pre-recorded 20 min presentation by Monday, April 4 to our file transfer site. Please save your presentation as a video in MP4 format.

These presentations will be loaded for the conference and played during your scheduled time. We will then activate your virtual profile at the end of your talk to allow you to participate during the Q&A session.

When you’re ready to upload your virtual presentation video, please send an email to so we can send you easy instructions to securely upload your file.

Here’s a quick video on how to record a PowerPoint presentation if you haven’t done this before!